Rattan Yadav

Professor of Plant Genetics, Aberystwyth University Professor Yadav’s research, over the last 30 years, has focussed on capturing and translating naturally occurring genetic variations present in crops’ germplasm for ‘public good’ outcomes. In partnership with researchers in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa... Read More

Michael Hughes

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University Professor Michael Hughes’ research in biomedical engineering explores the interaction between cells and electric fields; he uses this to study how cells interact with their environment, to diagnose diseases such as cancer, and to examine ways in which cells u... Read More

Yueng-Djern Lenn

Professor in Physical Oceanography, Bangor University Professor Lenn’s research focuses on how heat transported by the polar oceans impacts sea ice and climate. She revealed new details of how Southern Ocean eddies are a key part of the great Antarctic Circumpolar Current’s energy balance; these eddies simultane... Read More

Aimee Morgans

Professor of Thermofluids, Imperial College London Professor Morgans researches fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics and combustion. She obtained MEng and PhD degrees in Engineering at Cambridge University, before joining Imperial College London in 2007, where she became full Professor in 2017. She has held European Resear... Read More

Chris Pearce

Vice Principal (Research & Knowledge Exchange), University of Glasgow Professor Pearce has undertaken research in computational engineering. He focuses on modelling complex material behaviour and multi-physics problems. He has applied these techniques to various fields, including civil, nuclear, manufacturing, a... Read More

Mark Taubert

Clinical Director for Palliative Medicine & Honorary Professor, Cardiff University, Velindre University NHS Trust Professor Taubert’s focus is palliative care, using new media in clinical settings and decision making towards the end-of-life. He is the founder of TalkCPR.com and chairs a national steering group... Read More

Agustin Valera-Medina

Director, Net Zero Innovation Institute, Cardiff University Professor Valera-Medina has participated as PI/Co-I on 30 industrial projects. He has published 215 papers (h-index 34) and led Cardiff’s contributions in 10 projects intended to demonstrate ammonia power in thermal systems. As part of various scientific ... Read More

Andrew Westwell

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry & Independent Board Member, Velindre University NHS Trust, Cardiff University Professor Westwell’s research interests centre on preclinical targeted cancer drug discovery. Work on the discovery of a novel Bcl3 inhibitor, in collaboration with industry partners, has progressed i... Read More

Peter Groves

Consultant Cardiologist, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board & Honorary Professor, Cardiff University and Queen Mary University London Professor Groves has led clinical innovation and provided national and local leadership in medical technology development for over thirty years. He has led academic and rese... Read More