The Learned Society of Wales (LSW) is an independent, all-Wales, self-governing, pan-discipline educational charity.

Wales’s first national academy of science and letters, the Society was established in 2010, and draws upon the considerable strengths of over 400 distinguished Fellows based in Wales, the UK and beyond. The society provides public benefit including expert scholarly advice on a variety of public policy issues related to science, engineering, medicine, arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Society aims to develop itself as a  ‘sustainable organisation that is fit for purpose and acknowledged both as the recognised representative of the world of Welsh learning internationally and as a source of authoritative, scholarly and critical comment and advice on policy issues affecting Wales’.

Latest Publications
Comments submitted to the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales Learned Society of Wales Working Group on Health and Social Care 16 January, 2018
Annual Review
Annual Review 2016-17 15 December, 2017