Branding guidelines

On this page, you will find brand guidelines, our logo for promotional use and up-to-date and accurate information about the Society.

Our contact details are as follows: /
02920 376954
Twitter: @LSWalesCDdCymru

We encourage you to tag us in any promotions you put out on social media so that we can retweet/share them with our network.

Please ensure that you use the below information in your event promotions. When discussing the work of the Society, please use the blurb provided and adhere to our branding guidelines for the logo attached.

Standard bilingual blurb:

The Learned Society of Wales is the national academy for arts and sciences.

Our Fellowship brings together experts from across all academic fields and beyond. We use this collective knowledge to promote research, inspire learning, and provide independent policy advice.

To learn more about our work see:

Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru yw academi genedlaethol Cymru ar gyfer y celfyddydau a’r gwyddorau

Daw ein Cymrodoriaeth ag arbenigwyr at ei gilydd o bob maes academaidd a thu hwnt. Defnyddiwn yr wybodaeth gyfunol hon i hyrwyddo ymchwil, ysbrydoli dysg a darparu cyngor polisi annibynnol.

Darllenwch fwy am ein gwaith:


Below are links to our logo. Please do not re-colour, flip or stretch our logo. Any scaling of the logo should retain the same proportions of the below images and, when resizing, the LSW knot should remain at a minimum of 10mm by 10mm on posters.

Colour guide:

Learned Society of Wales:

  • Main red: R191 G30 B45 / #BF1E2D
  • Deep offset red: R140 G0 B0 / #8C0000
  • Silver: R193 G194 B195 / #C1C2C3
  • Website grey: R191 G30 B45 / #F5F5F5

Early Career Researchers Network:

  • Emerald: R0 G145 B110 / #00916E
  • Slate: R245 G245 B245 / #243746

If you need the logo in any other format or if you have any further questions, please contact our Communication Officer