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Highly regarded as an authoritative, independent, and credible voice in Welsh public life, the Learned Society of Wales (LSW) is Wales’s national academy. A Royal Charter Charity with nearly 500 Fellows, the Society brings together some of the most successful and talented people connected with Wales from all branches... Read More

Making the Case for Wales

Marking the recent launch of the Society's 'Wales in the World' report distributed by the Times Higher Education, Prof Peter Halligan wrote the following column in the Western Mail on Oct 12, 2017
"The political environment in the UK post Brexit remains increasingly uncertain,... Read More

Wales and the World – Times Higher Publication

Wales operates in a competitive global environment where international awareness and recognition of its research excellence and innovation is often less well known. On the 14th September 2017 the Times Higher Education (THE) printed and distributed a dedicated supplement by the Learned So... Read More