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LSW’s Inaugural Colloquium Showcases the Health of Wales’ Research Culture

The growing importance to Wales’ research culture of the LSW’s Early Career Researchers Network was on display at the network’s inaugural colloquium, held in Swansea on 6th July.

The Learned Society of Wales is using the unique asset that is its Fellowship to develop Wales’ next generation of researchers.

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A Prosperous Wales – Early Career Research Network Colloquium, 6 July 2023

A prosperous Wales is the theme of a Learned Society of Wales face-to-face colloquium for early career researchers hosted by Swansea University this summer. 

Some people are reluctant to talk about race or do not know where to start. Yet, in order to promote an inclusive research culture, it is necessary to hold conversations about race and gain understanding of what perpetuates racism in everyday life.

The latest round of our successful Research Workshop Grant Scheme is now open, offering up to £1000 to support research projects that are at an early stage of planning.

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Learned Society of Wales’ New Medallists Demonstrate Wales’ Exciting Research Culture 

The Learned Society of Wales has announced the names of its 2022 medallists. 

The medals are awarded each year to celebrate the outstanding research that comes from Wales.