Research Workshop Grant Scheme 2023-2024

Our Research Workshop Grants are intended to facilitate intellectual and creative interaction and partnership between researchers from different disciplines and from a range of institutions, within the academic community, the public, private and third sectors.

It is envisaged that each Workshop project will lead to the development of a network, or an outline of a concept for grant project proposal in the area explored in order to provide tangible results that will be of value to the academic community and the wider public.

Please note that these grants are intended to encourage and support a variety of meetings and events to promote the exploration of the topic, and that a single event sharing completed or advanced research is not eligible under this scheme. The grant does not cover activities that would have taken place anyway (for example, linked to an existing conference). 

The maximum sum available for any one project is £1,000 per project for a period of 6 months.  The second round of the 2023-2024 scheme will fund up to 7 projects to institutions in Wales.

Look at the projects we backed in 2022/23.


The key principles of the funding scheme are:

  • collaborative and interdisciplinary research
  • working with external partners to co-produce research outcomes and generate knowledge exchange
  • ensuring that principles and best practice of interdisciplinary working are adopted from the outset, allowing for the development of truly collaborative partnerships which will provide solutions to complex challenges
  • consideration of and contribution to the seven wellbeing goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act

    building partnerships in order to prepare to potentially bid for future funding opportunities.



This scheme invites applications across the following themes:

  • Wales Studies
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Early Career Researcher (any discipline) as project leader


Lead Applicant

Lead Applicants must be working for an employer based in Wales and will be either:

  • a full or part-time academic employed by a Higher Education Institution;
  • a full or part-time practitioner or research-active member of staff in the public or third sector with a demonstrable commitment to teaching and research within said institution
  • Lead Applicants can be on a temporary or a permanent contract at their employing institution

Project Team

The project team may also include:

  • other academic researchers from any discipline,
  • researchers outside academia,
  • members of the public or public-facing groups.


Proposals must involve two or more organisations.

The Workshop should be a coming together of scholars at the early stage of planning and developing a collaborative research initiative. 

The grant does not cover activities that would have taken place regardless (for instance, connected to an existing conference).

Each stream has specific criteria that must be addressed in the application:

Wales Studies

  • Outline the relevance of the project in a Welsh context

Early Career Researcher

Outline how relationships will be developed between early career researchers, potentially leading to innovative future proposals bringing disciplines together.

  • “Early career researcher” is defined as a person who has not yet established a significant level of independence.  Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for grant support from the Learned Society of Wales.

Humanities, Arts and Social Science

  • Outline how relationships will be developed across communities of researchers, potentially leading to innovative future proposals bringing disciplines together


As well as the key legal requirements, applicants should consider how they will address specific needs related to EDI, in-line with the Society’s commitment to EDI


The call for proposals is now closed. 



For more information, contact Dr Barbara Ibinarriaga Soltero at