Council has delegated some of its responsibilities to the following committees.

For a visual representation of our committees, please download this chart.

Finance Committee

Develops budgets, oversees funds, monitors income / expenditure.

Current members:

  • Professor Lisa Collins
  • Dr. Sally Davies
  • Professor Ann Heilmann
  • Professor Mark Rees
  • Professor John V Tucker

General Purposes Committee

Oversees events, publications, awards and agreements with stakeholders.

Current members:

  • Professor Roger King
  • Professor Perumal Nithiarasu
  • Ms Maxine Penlington
  • Professor Loredana Polezzi
  • Professor Raluca Radelescu
  • Professor Hywel Thomas

Fellowship Committee

Oversees the Fellowship election process and works to improve the diversity of the Fellowship.

Current members:

  • Professor Rob Beynon
  • Professor Nigel Brown
  • Dr Sally Davies
  • Professor Shareen Doak
  • Dr Haydn Edwards
  • Professor Edwin Egede
  • Professor Helen Fulton
  • Professor Helen Roberts
  • Professor Terry Threadgold

Governance Oversight Committee

Oversees the election process for Council / committees, and works to improve committee diversity.

Current members:

  • Professor Robert Beynon
  • Professor Helen Fulton
  • Professor Claire Gorrara
  • Professor Faron Moller
  • Professor Qiang Shen
  • Professor Hywel Thomas
  • Professor Terry Threadgold

Human Resources Committee

Oversees human resources matters.

  • Professor David Wyn Jones
  • Faron Moller
  • Ms Maxine Penlington
  • Ms Elin Rhys
  • Professor Geoff Richards

Executive Committee

This Committee supports the Society’s day-to-day work. It includes the President, Officers, Chief Executive and Clerk.