Professor Robert Beynon

Elected: 2015

Area(s): Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine & Mathematics

Specialist Subject(s): Biochemistry

Chair of Proteomics, University of Liverpool

Rob Beynon earned his BSc and PhD in biochemistry at Cardiff University. He began his career as a lecturer at the University of Liverpool in 1977 and in 1993 was appointed to the Chair of Biochemistry at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.  His last appointment was as Chair of Proteomics, University of Liverpool from 1999 to 2019.  His main areas of research are in the areas of protein chemistry, proteomics, proteolysis, and proteolytic enzymes.
He pioneered the understanding of protein dynamics on a global, proteome wide scale and of developing relevant methods in intact animals and complex systems. He developed a wholly new strategy for multiplexed absolute quantification in proteomics (QconCAT) that has been applied to diverse areas of protein science.
His ‘most cited’ work has been a website for the calculation of thermodynamically correct buffers ( has helped the scientific community across the world to prepare over one and a quarter million litres of buffer!