Nigel Brown

Retired; Emeritus Professor of Molecular Microbiology, University of Edinburgh. Professor Brown is a molecular biologist and specialist in metal resistance in bacteria. Some of his other work gained extra importance during the ‘Gulf War’ in assessing the risk that anthrax might be released as a bioweapon. His le... Read More

Clare Bryant

Professor of Innate Immunity, University of Cambridge. Professor Bryant trained in veterinary medicine and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, but much of her work is also concerned with human biology. She specialises in the field of innate immunity, which is one of the first lines of defence ag... Read More

Liana Cipcigan

Professor; Leader Sustainable Transport cross-cutting research theme in School of Engineering; Leader Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence, Cardiff University. Professor Cipcigan is playing a leading role in decarbonising transport through electrification and smart grids, not least by leading the Electric Vehicle C... Read More

Rachel Collis

Consultant anaesthetist, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Professor Rachel Collis’ work in the field of obstetric anaesthesia and has improved the clinical management and standards of care for women worldwide. Most of her time is devoted to direct patient care and her research questions has been formed wh... Read More

Hazel Davey

Professor of Biology, Aberystwyth University. Professor Hazel Davey researches Baker’s yeast, which is widely used in food manufacture, brewing, biotechnology and as a model organism in academic research. She has worked on projects involving many organisations outside higher education, including the United States ... Read More

Jamie Davies

Professor of Experimental Anatomy, & Dean of Taught Education, University of Edinburgh. Professor Jamie Davies, Professor of Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh, works on the embryonic development of the kidney. In effect, his research has meant that mini-kidneys can be made from stem cells, vast... Read More

Andrew Evans

Professor & Head of Physics Department, Aberystwyth University. Professor Andrew Evans, Professor of Physics at Aberystwyth University, is internationally recognised for his work in experimental physics with a focus on surface and materials science. He is equally passionate about improving access to science, esp... Read More

Carol Featherston

Professor, Sustainable Transport Lead, Cardiff University. Professor Featherston is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Royal Aeronautical Society with industrial experience at Airbus, ICI, and Rolls Royce. Her expertise is in the design and optimization of lightweight struct... Read More

Timothy Green

Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, Imperial College London. Professor Green is a Professor of Electrical Power Engineering at Imperial College London. His research focus is on developing a cost-effective and highly reliable zero carbon electricity supply system that can accommodate variable renewable sources... Read More

Cathy Holt

Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering, Cardiff University. Cathy Holt, Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering, is Director of the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility, Cardiff University, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Healthcare Technology Group, and past Chair... Read More