‘Science priorities for Brexit’ – LSW comment

On the 21st March Stephen Metcalfe MP, Chair of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee and the Commons Science and Technology Committee, published a statement Science priorities for Brexit outlining the priorities for the science community as the UK prepares to trigger Article 50 and start Brexit negotiations.

The statement was informed by engagement with a broad range of organisations across the UK.

The Learned Society of Wales was one of the organisations that Stephen Metcalfe consulted during the development of the statement.

The statement reiterates several of the points made previously by the Learned Society separately and in partnership with other UK national academies.

See ‘Society comment piece on Brexit’, ‘Science is global‘,  ‘UK national Academies’ joint statement on research and innovation after the EU referendumandPresident’s letter to Secretary of State for Wales‘ for further details of the Society’s previous comments.