Science is global – European academies’ statement

On the occasion of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF, 2016) conference in Manchester in July, many of Europe’s National Academies took the opportunity to lend their support to the value of exchanging ideas and international science. Given that many of today’s most pressing challenges are global ones, the joint press release highlighted the fact that research collaborations greatly enhance the knowledge and tools needed to tackle them. This means that institutions from across Europe need to be free to recruit excellent researchers who are able to work, cooperate across borders and travel flexibly as part of their multinational activities. Unnecessary barriers to this mobility is likely to weaken science and be to the cost of all nations.

The Press release from some 30 national academies of Europe (including the LSW) encouraged all governments in their countries and institutions to work in partnership to deliver research, scholarship and innovation across the continent for the greater benefit of society.

Read the joint statement here.

Further details are available on the  Royal Society’s website.