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Soft Power Can Promote Wales on the World Stage

A vision of Wales as a self-confident, outward-looking nation, drawing upon its distinctive culture, is painted in a new report from the Learned Society of Wales.  Wales and the World: Global Partnerships, Local Benefits argues that Wales must draw upon â€... Read More

A Map of Bristol in 1480

Professor Helen Fulton has worked with the Historic Towns Trust and a team of Bristol historians and archaeologists to publish A Map of Bristol in 1480: A Medieval Merchant City. The project was supported by funding from the University of Bristol and local history societies in Bristol. The map is a reconstructi... Read More

Poems Unveiled to Mark Start of Language Conference

A series of poems by Welsh poets that were specially commissioned by the Learned Society of Wales are unveiled today as part of a language festival and conference that aims to explore how Wales can make the most of its unique language heritage. Nine poems were selected in response to an open brief to create poetry ... Read More

Sir John Meurig Thomas

It is with much regret that we report the death of Sir John Meurig Thomas. Sir John was renowned for his work in the science of catalysts and solid state chemistry. The production chain of many modern materials and chemicals involves catalysts — substances that speed up chemical reactions, but use less energy and... Read More

Language is a powerful tool: Wales must make the most of its multilingualism

Wales must not waste the political and cultural advantages of its bilingualism; a language festival and conference will hear later this month. This virtual international symposium will explore how Wales can make the most of its unique language heritage. It will consider how Wales can meet its wellbeing goals to cre... Read More

Lockdown Was No Barrier to these Prize-Winning Welsh School Students

A rap about nitrogen and an introduction to quantum theory that even you can understand have won a competition for Welsh school students that took place over the summer.  The Learned Society of Wales’ Learner Lockdown Challenge asked students in Years 11 and 13 to create an explainer on a... Read More