Yr Athro R. Geraint Gruffydd ob. 24 March 2015

It could be said that Geraint Gruffydd had more than one career; university professor, head of a national institution, director of a research centre, each one of which he accomplished to a high standard, but there is no doubt that his main delight was his work as a scholar and researcher.  Over the years he published ... Read More

Gwyn Thomas

Professor Gwyn Thomas, who died on 13 April 2016 aged 79, was the most prolific and versatile Welsh language author of his day. In addition to his work as a scholar and literary critic his creative output spanned a number of fields; though primarily a poet, he was also a dramatist and he wrote too for film, radio, and ... Read More

Robert M. Jones

Formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Welsh Language and Literature, Aberystwyth University By far the most prolific writer of the Welsh language in his lifetime, Robert Maynard Jones was born into a working-class, English-speaking home in Cardiff in 1929. His grandfather, a Marxist, instilled in him a... Read More

Derec Llwyd Morgan

Formerly: Professor of Welsh and Vice-Chancellor, Aberystwyth University; Senior Vice-Chancellor, the University of Wales Read More