ECR Research Conference – Call for proposals

The Climate Emergency and Social Inequality: Responses from Researchers in Wales

  • Deadline for proposals: Monday 25 October
  • Conference: Friday 26 November

Are you an early career researcher (ECR) working on climate change, social justice or related issues? Would you like to share your research with colleagues across Wales and beyond?

As the COP 26 climate change conference draws near and we consider shared global issues beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, this online conference will offer a platform for ECRs across STEMM, humanities, arts and social sciences to showcase their research. 

This event will enable our future generation of researchers to be at the forefront of discussing new approaches and solutions to the critical issues of our time. We welcome proposals from ECRs* willing to engage in cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional conversations to disseminate their research.

To apply, you must be based at a higher education institution in Wales (although if applying to deliver a workshop or roundtable, your collaborators may be based outside Wales). 

* For the purpose of this conference, we define an ECR as a final year PhD student/candidate or a postdoctoral researcher who completed their PhD no more than 10 years ago. 

Ways you can contribute:

  1. Individual activity – Lightning Talks (7-10 mins presentation on a current or recent research project, followed by audience questions).

You can provide the link to a short video (60-90 seconds long) explaining your research or generate an abstract (300 words maximum) to submit your proposal. 

  1. Group activity - Workshop or Roundtable (a group of least 3 to 4 ECRs will present and discuss a research topic or problem, this activity might last between 60 to 90 mins). In contrast with the Lightning Talk, the workshops and roundtables are sessions arranged with several speakers in advance, giving the flexibility to present and discuss the research topic or problem with ECRs interested in the theme. 

For this modality, you will need to provide a short description of each person’s contribution to the group activity or a summary of the research topic/problem that will be addressed by the group of ECRs (300 words total).   

Workshop: involves an open discussion with the attendees of the session. 
Roundtable: consist of a panel of ECRs presenting their contributions, followed by a Q&A with the audience. 

  1. Get involved in organising the event – Let us know if you would like to be hands-on and support us in planning the conference. You may choose one or both of the following roles or suggest an alternative one:
  • Reviewer: Reviewing the applications from ECRs wishing to present at the conference.  
  • Chair: Moderate one of the conference sessions on the day of the event. 

Application process

However you wish to contribute to the event, please complete this form.

If you choose to submit a video, you will be able to paste the video link directly on the form. If you wish to submit an abstract, please have your 300 words ready to paste into the form.  Applications in both Welsh and English are welcomed.  

Closing date: 25 October, 5 p.m. UK time 

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Barbara Ibinarriaga Soltero at: