Academi Heddwch Seeks Speakers for Webinar Series

Academi Heddwch is looking for academic speakers to support delivery of a future webinar series on the implications of the war in Ukraine for energy supply, security and international relations.

The following are some of the areas for exploration

  • How has the war in Ukraine altered our attitudes to nuclear power and/ or the need for nuclear disarmament?
  • How can Wales move more rapidly towards self-sufficiency in food and energy in the light of increasing insecurity in global supply chains?
  • How can divestment mechanisms used to enact financial sanctions against Russian companies/ oligarchs be used to divest more rapidly from harmful industries such as arms, fossil fuels and tobacco?
  • How is war waged in cyberspace and how is Welsh expertise in cyber security used to promote peace?
  • What are the implications of misinformation, disinformation and fake news on peacebuilding / how can we build trust/ share the truth?

For further details contact Hayley Richards.