Skills and Diversity Audit (All Wales)

The Learned Society of Wales recognises and values diversity and the different perspectives that people from different backgrounds bring to its work and its contribution to Wales.

In June 2017, The Appointments, Governance and Nominations Committee recommended commissioning a wide review of the society’s work focusing on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. This Review (2017/18) aims to ensure that all of the society’s activities support in fair, transparent and equitable ways the values of Excellence, Diversity and Independence inscribed in the forthcoming new Strategic Plan (2018).

The Learned Society of Wales defines itself as the recognised representative of the world of Welsh learning internationally and as a source of authoritative, scholarly and critical comment and advice on policy issues affecting Wales.

To be and to do these things the society must, as it matures, commit to supporting, developing and promoting equality and diversity, recognising that the Fellowship, and its ability to deliver the society’s aims, will be greatly enhanced by a disparate range of backgrounds, experiences, views, beliefs and cultures represented in its staff and its fellows.

Skills and Diversity Audit
A first step in achieving this kind of diversity is to understand who our current Fellows are and what they do so that we have a solid foundation on which we can build. We need to understand better the skills, experience, scholarship and diversity that already characterise all of you as Fellows. We will then also be better able to identify the gaps in our talent and resource pool such that we can grow in an informed and prioritised way and increase our diversity.

The Fellowship is the Society. The Society can only be as good and as active as its Fellows. Engagement is of mutual benefit. When Fellows work with the society to deliver on its aims and support its values that in turn makes it possible for the society to deliver more for its Fellows.

Your responses to this survey are a key part of that ‘contribution’ which you undertook to make when you were elected and joined the Fellowship.

Please become engaged with your Society now and help to take the Society forward in new and exciting ways.

Support your Society by completing the Skills and Diversity Audit.

We are aware that this audit is reasonably long and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, but you can do it in several sittings and the time you give us will benefit the whole society.

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