LSW’s Growing Impact on Wales’ Research Culture

Our Early Career Researchers Network [ECRN] has established itself as an important part of Wales’ research environment. Now, into its second year, the Network can boast several exciting new developments, including a dedicated website.

Two new videos celebrate the success of the Society’s Early Career Researchers Network. 

The videos feature members of the network and highlight our commitment to supporting research collaboration. They highlight the Society’s role in creating a research-friendly environment in Wales. 

Dr. Luci Attala, who features in the video, says: “[It’s] a vibrant community of individuals working together and that stimulates you. So the ECR has been really useful for that for me.” 

Dr. Attala was one of the speakers at last year’s Early Career Researchers Network Conference, The Climate Emergency and Social Inequality. 

Another of the speakers at that event was Professor Simon Middleburgh. He says: “One of things we do really well in Wales is we’ve got great communications with people like Welsh Government, we’ve got really good industry contacts and the Learned Society has helped do that, it’s given us the contacts to do that.” 

Members of the Network, working with a number of Fellows, are also taking a key role in shaping its development through a new Advisory Group.