Rattan Yadav

Professor of Plant Genetics, Aberystwyth University Professor Yadav’s research, over the last 30 years, has focussed on capturing and translating naturally occurring genetic variations present in crops’ germplasm for ‘public good’ outcomes. In partnership with researchers in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa... Read More

Llŷr Williams

Llŷr Williams is a a concert pianist with an extensive repertoire. He performs regularly at major venues internationally and within the UK and has a long associations with almost all the musical organisations and festivals in Wales. A former BBC New Generation Artist, he has performed with all the major UK orchestras.... Read More

John G Williams

Professor Emeritus, Swansea University Professor Williams is an academic gastroenterologist, with research interests in patient outcomes, service delivery and medical records. Born in Swansea, he returned in 1988 to establish a Postgraduate Medical School, which laid the foundations for the Graduate-entry Medical Sc... Read More

Paul Mealor

Composer and Professor of Composition, University of Aberdeen Paul Mealor is one of the world’s most performed living composers. His two operas, four symphonies, music for film and television, over one-hundred published choral works and numerous compositions for ensemble have entered the repertoire and received mu... Read More

Yvonne McDermott Rees

Professor of Law, Swansea University Professor McDermott Rees is the author of Fairness in International Criminal Trials (OUP, 2016) and Proving International Crimes (OUP, 2024). She is Principal Investigator (since 2022) on TRUE, a large interdisciplinary project selected for funding by the European Research Counci... Read More

Andrew Lewis

Professor of Composition, Bangor University Andrew Lewis is a composer and Professor of Composition. His music is concerned with the materiality of sound, and often uses technology in its realisation and performance. His output ranges from 'acousmatic' music (heard solely on multiple loudspeakers) to orchestral and ... Read More

Yueng-Djern Lenn

Professor in Physical Oceanography, Bangor University Professor Lenn’s research focuses on how heat transported by the polar oceans impacts sea ice and climate. She revealed new details of how Southern Ocean eddies are a key part of the great Antarctic Circumpolar Current’s energy balance; these eddies simultane... Read More

Wendy Larner

President and Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University Professor Wendy Larner is a human geographer who is internationally recognised for her research on globalisation, governance and gender. She has held academic positions in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and visiting fellowships in Canada, the United States and G... Read More

Savyasaachi Jain

Reader, Journalism and Documentary, Cardiff University Dr Jain teaches future journalists to play meaningful roles in their societies, as well as leading an interdisciplinary project to develop the first Virtual Reality tool in the discipline that teaches creative decision making. He has obtained grants for projects... Read More

Michael Hughes

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University Professor Michael Hughes’ research in biomedical engineering explores the interaction between cells and electric fields; he uses this to study how cells interact with their environment, to diagnose diseases such as cancer, and to examine ways in which cells u... Read More