Election of New Fellows 2015

The Learned Society of Wales (LSW) is pleased to announce the results of its 2015 Election of new Fellows spanning the arts, science and public service sectors. This election has strengthened the Society considerably, adding forty new Fellows to its ranks. Like the Founding Fellows and the Fellows elected in earlier years, the newly-elected Fellows represent a broad range of academic disciplines.

Election to Fellowship is a public recognition of academic excellence, and LSW Fellowship is keenly competed. The Society harnesses the expertise of the Fellowship to help promote awareness of how the sciences and the arts, humanities and social sciences can benefit society. Fellows assist the Society in its work by serving on its various committees and working groups and by representing us nationally and internationally.

Sir Emyr Jones Parry, the Society’s President, said:

“I am delighted to welcome such a wide range of outstanding individuals to the Fellowship this year. Each new Fellow is elected on the distinguished merit of their work. These new Fellows will help strengthen our capacity to support excellence across all areas of academic and public life, both in Wales and abroad.

“It is also encouraging that the proportion of female Fellows elected (35%) is the highest in the history of the Society. More women are reaching the highest levels of their discipline, and this is rightly being reflected in their election to the Fellowship of the Society.”

Election to Fellowship of the Learned Society of Wales is through a rigorous five-stage election process. Fellowship is open to men and women of all ages and from all ethnic groups:

who have a demonstrable record of excellence and achievement in any of the academic disciplines or who, being members of the professions, the arts, industry, commerce or public service, have made a distinguished contribution to the world of learning; and
who are resident in Wales, or who are persons of Welsh birth but are resident elsewhere, or who otherwise demonstrate a particular connection with Wales.

Several new Fellows are notable not only for their individual successes, but also as inspirational figures for women who want to excel in their chosen profession.

The 2015 Election is the fifth in a rolling process towards the building of a strong, representative Fellowship. The Society’s continuing focus on excellence and achievement will ensure that the Fellowship represents the very best in the major academic disciplines.

A full list of New Fellows is available here