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Celebrating collaboration: LSW- Welsh Crucible award

On Thursday 13th June, the first Welsh Crucible/Learned Society of Wales prize was awarded at the Welsh Crucible 2017 Lab 3 in Swansea. Welsh Crucible is a Nesta based programme that supports research-inspired innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Designed to introduce... Read More

Mamwlad – Frances Hoggan

A documentary on Frances Hoggan is currently available on the BBC iplayer until 26 April 2016. The programme, part of the Mamwlad series, is presented by Ffion Hague, and was produced by Tinopolis. Follow this link to watch the programme; subtitles... Read More

Brain Games 2016

Flip your eyesight, feel the force of your brain and try out DIY brain surgery – all at the 2016 BRAIN GAMES! Take on our challenges and your friends while learning all about your brain. Entry is free and it’s suitable for all the family, and particularly Key Stage 2 children (ages 8-11). To learn more about the ... Read More