LSW Statement on Ukraine

The Learned Society of Wales condemns the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. This attack against a sovereign nation and the indiscriminate killing of civilians is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and to international law. It runs counter to every one of our values. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including the members of its academic community.

We also recognise the bravery of researchers and the many others in Russia who have condemned the war. This includes the Russian scientists and scientific journalists who took considerable personal and professional risk in signing this open letter at the start of the war.

We associate ourselves with the statement from ALLEA, of which the Learned Society of Wales is a member:

ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, reacts with shock and deep regret to the military incursion by Russia into Ukraine. We call on the Russian government to respect the international conventions on the protection of civilians and cultural artefacts and express our deep concern for the safety of our academic colleagues.

ALLEA notes the danger this represents to Ukrainian scientific institutions, academics, and international research collaboration and has expressed its full solidarity and support to our Ukrainian member, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We also acknowledge that members of the Russian scientific community, who have spoken out against the current aggressions, may equally come under threat.

In the interest of safeguarding academic freedom and the autonomy of science and research, we will closely monitor the situation and contemplate taking appropriate further measures in support of our Ukrainian member academy, its fellowship, and the academic community.

There is no legitimacy to the actions undertaken to sabotage the peace, stability, and autonomy of the Ukrainian nation. In these difficult times, we stand up against the blatant attacks by the Russian government against a sovereign state, against democracy and against innocent people.

ALLEA Statement: Ukraine