‘Where did the Universe Come From?’: Book Launch

Professor Geraint F. Lewis FLSW has recently published this book, co-written with Chris Ferrie:

Where Did the Universe Come From? And Other Cosmic Questions: Our Universe, from the Quantum to the Cosmos

This is a book for non-scientists about both cosmology (the study of the origin and eventual fate of the universe as a whole) and quantum mechanics (the study of microscopic interactions between fundamental particles). That may seem like an incongruous combination of sciences at the very largest and very smallest scales, but in fact they’re intimately connected. Our best current model of cosmology holds that at the Big Bang, the universe was infinitesimally tiny and enormously dense, meaning that it was very much a quantum object, subject to quantum rules. Any responsible approach to cosmology must therefore grapple with quantum mechanics.

Readers who haven’t encountered these subjects a dozen times before will find a friendly and conversational writing style throughout, accompanied by charming hand-drawn illustrations… The explanations are admirably clear and impressively thorough for such a compact book

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