Wales Studies: Research Workshop Grant Scheme

The Society launched its pilot Research Workshop Grant Scheme in 2021. 

Last year, we awarded seven grants of up to £1000 to projects that fell under the Wales Studies banner and originated in Wales’ universities. 

The projects funded were: 

This initial round of grant funding has proven so successful that we have developed the scheme for 2022 – 2023. There are now three funding streams: 

  • Wales Studies 
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 
  • Early Career Researchers 

This summer we have backed seven further projects, which will be announced in the next few weeks. 

We will launch a further application round in September. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you know when the next application process starts. 

Projects that successfully bid for funding must use the money to run a series of workshops. These are intended to bring researchers together at the early stage of planning and developing a collaborative research initiative. 

Here we provide a snapshot of the seven Wales Studies projects funded in 2021/22 and how they have developed with the use of the grant the Society provided