UPDATE: Coronavirus

Many thanks for your continuing support for the Society during these challenging times.

All members of LSW staff are now working from home and can be reached via their usual email addresses and phone numbers.

All of our public events are postponed/ cancelled until at least the end of May.  However, we are working on a number of ideas for ‘virtual’ events and activities that can be delivered during the coming months.

The Society’s Council met on Wednesday, 18th March. The agenda included a discussion about the impact of Covid-19 on our AGM and annual dinner.   

Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 20 May
The AGM has an important constitutional role. It marks the start of the Society’s new year and the beginning of the new President’s term of office. It has also traditionally been the occasion for formally admitting new Fellows.

We are committed to holding the AGM as planned, but the challenge is to do so in a way that maintains social distancing.

The AGM requires forty Fellows in order to be quorate. Bringing this number of people together in the same place is impossible, assuming the Covid-19 outbreak maintains its current path.

Council therefore agreed to amend the Society’s regulations to allow the remote conduct of the AGM. We have tested the use of web-based applications to allow for remote attendance and voting. The current plan is to have no more than three key officers gather in a meeting room, with everyone else offered the chance to join the meeting remotely.

The admission of new Fellows will be postponed until later in the year.

Annual Dinner, Wednesday 20th May
The annual dinner is a highlight of the Society’s year. However, there is no chance of holding it while so much uncertainty exists around Covid-19.

Council decided to postpone the dinner and medal awards ceremony until later in the year, on a date yet to be agreed. 

Please let the Chief Executive know if you have any further queries about the Society’s work during this period.