New Fellows of the Royal Society 2016

The Learned Society of Wales is pleased to report that Professor Russell Morris FRSE FLSW FRS, Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2016.

Professor Morris was born and raised in north Wales, and completed his education at the University of Oxford. He is now Professor of Structural and Materials Chemistry at the University of St Andrews.

His research interests lie in the synthesis, characterisation and application of porous and layered materials including zeolites and metal-organic frameworks. He developed ionothermal synthesis – the use of ionic liquids as reactive media for the preparation of solids – a method that has had impact across a wide range of chemistry. His recent work on developing the ADOR approach to the preparation of zeolites offers routes to exciting materials that would not be possible using standard techniques.

Morris is also recognized as a pioneer in the use of porous materials for the storage and delivery of biologically active gases for medical applications. His applications- and commercially-focused work in this area led to the Royal Society’s Brian Mercer Award for Innovation.