Early Career Researchers Shape Direction of Network

Our Early Career Researchers Network [ECRN] has established itself as an important part of Wales’ research environment. 

Our new Advisory Group will shape the direction of the ECRN and its activities. Its membership will consist of four members of the ECRN and four of the Society’s Fellows. 
The Advisory Group’s main role will be to assess the current Welsh research environment, its opportunities and barriers, and will explore how the Society can expand its activities to develop researchers’ careers. 

Cathy Stroemer, the Society’s All Wales Programme Lead – Researcher Development, said: 

“This is an important step for the ECR Network. It means the Network’s direction of travel, the events it runs and the support it provides will be driven from the ground up. 

“Having members of the Network sit on the Advisory Group with an equal number of our Fellows, places the ECRN at the heart of the Society’s work. 

“Meanwhile, having Fellows play a pivotal role in our work to develop early career researchers sends a powerful message. 

“It shows how The Learned Society is unique in its ability to bring together academics and researchers from across Wales and across institutions, whether they are leading figures in their field or just setting out on their research career. 

“Creating these opportunities to network, collaborate and advise will contribute to the health of Wales’ research culture for years to come.” 

The ECRN has been developed with the support of funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, in a multi-year agreement that has a focus on research development in Wales. 

We have set up a new email account to keep in touch with members of the ECR Network regarding any matters of the Advisory Group’s work: researcherdevelopment@lsw.wales.ac.uk