Stewart Sutherland

When Stewart Sutherland heard that the Learned Society was minded to offer him an Honorary Fellowship, he expressed unfeigned pleasure. His acceptance was in turn warmly welcomed by the Fellowship.  The part Wales played in his multi-faceted life was small but to him not insignificant. It was in 1965, as an Assistant ... Read More

Mary McAleese

Professor Mary McAleese served as the eighth President of Ireland from 1997 to 2011, the first to come from Northern Ireland. Following her Presidency, McAleese pursued a Doctorate in Canon Law from Gregorian University, Rome. In 2016, she joined St Mary’s University, Twickenham as Distinguished Professor in Irish St... Read More

David Worsley

Research Director and Deputy Head of College of Engineering, Swansea University Read More

Marcela Votruba

Head of School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University and Honorary Consultant in Ophthalmology, Cardiff & Vale UHB Read More

Ian Hall

Head of School and Research Professor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Cardiff University Read More