Exchanging Ideas Seminar Series 2017

Since earlier this year, the Society has worked with the National Assembly for Wales Research Service to develop a pilot series of expert seminars for Assembly Members and their support staff, looking at ambition in policy development.

The three seminars have considered economic policy, the development of civil society and energy policy.

The first two seminars were closed events, but the the third seminar was open to the public. It considered the feasibility of, and challenges around, aiming to meet Wales’ energy needs from renewables. The expert speakers were Dr Nina Skorupska (UK Renewable Energy Association), Professor Andrew Barron (Swansea University), Professor Max Munday (Cardiff University) and Professor Hywel Thomas (Cardiff University)

Key questions included:

  • How ambitious should the Welsh Government be in defining the role of renewables in Wales’ future energy mix?
  • What are the main challenges facing the sector and is there a need for greater certainty around funding and policy?
  • Is there is a case for alternative energy sources (e.g. small modular nuclear reactors and/or unconventional gases) to play a role in Wales’ future energy mix?
  • Are any changes to existing distribution and supply networks required to enable supply and demand matching?

The National Assembly for Wales’s Research Service has produced an overview of the event, which is available here.

The seminar on Energy Policy is available to view below, and further background information can be found on the Research Service’s InBrief blog.

Two further seminars are in development for the autumn term.