ECR Webinar: Inclusive Collaborative Research

The session will explore how researchers can bring inclusive practices into their own research and the potential barriers researchers might face when approaching and engaging with communities outside of academia. Attendees will be invited to reflect on their hopes and fears when trying to estab... Read More

Celtic Academies Alliance: Ireland-Wales Research and Innovation Showcase

The Celtic Academies Alliance (the Learned Society of Wales, the Royal Irish Academy, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh) warmly invites you to a showcase of research excellence and impact created through collaborations between Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

What are publishers looking for? The session is aimed at researchers interested in learning useful tips from expert editors on how to publish in academic journals, a publishing house or social media outlets for wider audiences, such as The Conversation. Topics covered will include processes and... Read More

Medal Ceremony 2023

The Learned Society of Wales invites you to join us at a ceremony at the Senedd to recognise this year’s recipients of our Hugh Owen, Frances Hoggan, Menelaus and Dillwyn medals. 6.00pm - 8.00pm, 26th October.

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