Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association Award Ceremony 2021

The Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association (EMWWAA, is holding its next award ceremony at a celebratory dinner in the City Hall, Cardiff on 17th Sept 2021 at 6pm.

The EMWWAA scheme has been established to recognise, publicise and applaud deserving ethnic minority women throughout Wales who have made significant contributions to Welsh life. Prior to the establishment of EMWWAA awards, there was no such recognition system in Wales, and so EMWWAA awards therefore aim to identify the achievements and successes of all deserving ethnic minority women. 

The aims of EMWWAA are: 

a) To encourage the empowerment of the ethnic minority women throughout Wales by promoting and applauding their representation across all aspects of Welsh life; 

b) To identify role models for the communities; 

c) To promote equality and diversity and facilitate community cohesion and integration with mainstream. A number of different EMWWAA award categories include: Arts and Culture, Business, Management and Leadership, Science, Technology and Medicine, Sports, Social and Humanitarian, Self Development, Young Achiever Award, Violence Against Women Agenda, Lifetime Achievement award and an extraordinary response to Covid.