Inspiring young people in schools

Wales's future depends on nurturing the talents and energies of young people. We want to play our part by supporting the aspirations of school pupils across the nation.

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Wales is a nation of talented young people. However, one in three children in Wales live in poverty, and disadvantaged children are the least likely to succeed in education. They are more likely to finish education at an early age, and much less likely to go to university.

Your donation will help us to inspire young people – whatever their background – to identify their own educational goals and fulfil their potential.

We are planning a Paths to Excellence project, developed in consultation with teachers and other education workers. To start this work, we will organise a series of small-scale pilot activities, testing two ways to support learners aged 9 to 14 across Wales:

  • ‘Life Journeys’ – highlighting the connections of our Fellows with the Welsh communities where they were born, grew up or studied. We will capture the stories of Fellows’ careers and life journeys, the choices they made, and their paths to success.
  • ‘Inspiring Research’ – this activity will bring together pupils from several schools. Our Fellows or medal winners will deliver inspiring interactive talks on current topics. Afterwards, we will organise hands-on workshops to develop subject understanding or skills, and follow-up support opportunities in school.