HASS2: History, Archaeology, Philosophy and Theology

This Scrutiny Committee covers the following subject areas/disciplines:

Pre-historic Archaeology
Historic Archaeology
British History
Economic and Social History
European History
History of other Continents
History of Science and Medicine
Ecclesiastical History
History of Religion
Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
Aesthetics, Ethics and Moral Philosophy
History of Philosophy and Ideas
Logic and Metaphysics
Political Philosophy
Religious Studies
Biblical Studies
Theology and Philosophy of Religion
History of Religion

The current members of the Committee are as follows:

Chair: Professor Chris Williams (University College Cork)
Vice-Chair: Professor Hanna Diamond (Cardiff)
Professor Sir Richard Evans (Cambridge)
Professor Robert Evans (Oxford)
Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray (Cardiff)
Professor Lucy Huskinson (Bangor)
Professor Helen Nicholson (Cardiff)
Professor Catrin Williams (University of Wales Trinity St David)