STEMM3: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Earth Sciences

This Scrutiny Committee covers the following subject areas/disciplines:

Analytical Chemistry
Applied Physics
Astronomy and Cosmology
Atomic and Molecular Physics and Nanotechnology
Chemical Biology
Climate and Atmosphere
Computational Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Earth and Biosphere Evolution including Palaeontology
Earth Materials
Earth Observation
Earth Resources and Geo-engineering
Earth Surface Processes
Environmental and Soil Chemistry
Environmental Geoscience including Archaeological Science
Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Medical Physics
Molecular Nanoscience
Oceanography and Hydrology
Optics and Lasers
Organic Chemistry
Particle and Nuclear Physics
Physical Chemistry
Physics and Astronomy
Physics and the Life Sciences Interfaces
Plasma Physics
Solar System Science
Solid Earth and Planetary Science
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Theoretical Physics
Other Disciplines

The current members of the Committee are:

Chair: Professor Dave Adams (Glasgow)
Vice-Chair: Professor Tavi Murray (Swansea)
Professor Peter Atkinson (Lancaster)
Professor Nora de Leeuw (Leeds)
Professor Rachel Evans (Cambridge)
Professor Ifan Hughes (Durham)
Professor Eleri Pryse (Aberystwyth)
Professor Martyn Tranter (Aarhus)
Professor Carole Tucker (Cardiff)