Call for Action: Welsh Journal for Civic Engagement

We have received the following call from colleagues at the University of South Wales who are looking to establish a journal for civic engagement in Wales

In the past, Universities in Wales have demonstrated a commitment to supporting their communities through teaching, research and scholarly activity. Yet there are vast divergences in the definition of, approaches to, and benefits of civic engagement. In order to capture and reflect upon this complexity, colleagues at the University of South Wales are working with the University of Wales Press to establish an Open Access journal dedicated to the civic engagement in Wales. The publication will allow academics in Wales to think about how our work can influence the cultural, social, political and environmental well-being of our communities.

We are currently looking for Members of the Learned Society of Wales to offer any recommendations for the planning and development of the publication, and to share advice on funding opportunities available to support it. Please contact Dr Amber Jenkins (University of South Wales) at if you have any suggestions.