Welsh Research Round-Up: Language, Literature and the Creative and Performing Arts – February 2022

We take a look at some of the research to emerge in recent weeks from language, literature and the creative and performing arts departments in Wales’ universities.

The overarching aim of the twelve-month project is to better understand current facemask wearing behaviour as influenced by the media to improve uptake and enhance the effectiveness of media campaigns for the future, specifically considering environmental issues.

Bangor team wins large Covid-19 grant

The project is a space for experimental comic strips that explore experiences of care, from the perspective of the caregiver and the person who has been cared for.

Comics about care

“While a significant amount of poetry associated with Merlin survives in manuscripts, much of it is inaccessible – unedited and also lacking translations. We are committed to making the corpus available to all in an accessible, digital format. The project also aims to throw new light onto the development of Welsh poetry and the origins of the Merlin and Arthurian legends.”

Revealing the original Merlin

In the planned project a highly international cross-disciplinary team will create a more detailed and nuanced story of how prehistoric societies realised major and minor sea crossings, organised long-distance exchange, and ways of life by the sea in prehistory.

CAWCS to play key role in new international project

Three poets from Aberystwyth University have penned a series of poems in response to old manuscripts from the National Library of Wales dealing with the weather and climate change.

Historic manuscripts inspire contemporary climate change poetry

This project seeks to better understand the condition of the maternal through a study of maternal performance. It is driven by researching both the conditions in which mother artists make work and the contexts in which that work is received. 

Performance and the maternal

Building on earlier work, we find that linear forms of storytelling – rarely used in news – are more effective in transferring knowledge to news consumers and are seen as more engaging, convenient and useful than the traditional inverted pyramid.

Innovating Online Journalism: New Ways of Storytelling

Using cutting-edge computer vision tools to analyse historical book illustrations of people and places, Finding a place: advancing digital methods to unlock the use of digitised book illustrations in cultural institutions will identify visual patterns across illustrations of buildings, landscapes, and people to reveal a forgotten world of images.

Unlocking our heritage: International project with cultural institutions reveals untapped book illustrations

… a poetic tradition, both ancient and modern, in the Welsh language and in English, that is internationally renowned for its distinction and continuing vibrancy.

The History of Wales in Twelve Poems

If you have recently completed some research you would like us to share in a future Welsh research round-up, please contact Joe Boyle.

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