So you want to nominate someone to become a Fellow of the LSW, but aren’t quite sure how…

… we explain it all here.

Our Fellows come from all disciplines across the arts, humanities and sciences. A large number also come from the professions and from civic society. They all have some connection with Wales.

How nomination works

New Fellows are nominated by existing Fellows. The window for nominating runs from 1 June to 31 October. This means you can nominate somebody now.

Over the coming months, we will run the following online sessions based on positive experience from recent years:

1. Information sessions for existing Fellows who want to find out more about how to nominate someone as a new Fellow

  • Two sessions, one focussed on our academic stream, the other on industry, commerce, the arts and professions.
  • The sessions will explore the steps you need to take, the timescales and the forms you need to fill in.
  • Details of these sessions will be advertised in the Fellows bulletin.

2. Information sessions for anyone interested in becoming a Fellow

  • Along with a session that is open to all (4 July | Register), we will hold separate sessions for people from an ethnic minority background (25 June | Register), for anyone working in industry, commerce, the arts and professions (26 July | Register) and for women alone (27 June | Register).
  • Information about what the Fellowship is, what the route to nomination is and what is required of potential nominees.
  • Existing Fellows will help deliver the sessions in line with their own background and, where relevant, protected characteristics.
  • If you want to register for any of these events, click the links above.
  • If you have any questions or are unable to attend but would like further information please email Menna Ellis.

There will be the opportunity at all these sessions to ask any questions you have. Attending a session carries no obligation or expectation that you will either go on to nominate someone or seek nomination yourself (though we hope, of course, that you will.)

The paperwork

Our website has a wealth of information on the steps you take when you nominate someone. In short, however, the following forms are required:

• Nomination Form. This is completed by the Fellow who is proposing a new Fellow. This form is signed by a Seconder. In total this requires between 300 – 450 words maximum.
• Nominee Evidence Form. This is completed by the the potential new Fellow . There is space to outline their connection to Wales and to summarise honours and achievements, as well as professional standing and wider impact.
• Informed Supporter Report. This is completed by someone who is familiar with the nominees’ work. The supporting statement requires no more than 500 words.

Improving our diversity

We continue to make improving the diversity of the Fellowship a key priority.

1. We encourage all our Fellows to strengthen and diversify our already remarkable fellowship by nominating someone from an ethnic minority background, whom we believe are under-represented in our fellowship.

2. The number of new Fellows who are women dropped from 50% in 2023 to 33% in 2024. We therefore also encourage Fellows to nominate women so we can build upon recent progress.

3. We continue to work with our Equity, Diversity and inclusion working group to identity other areas in which we don’t yet reflect the diversity of Wales.