Menelaus Medal 2020

Professor Nidal Hilal, Chair in Water Processing Engineering, Swansea University, has won the Learned Society of Wales’ Menelaus Medal 2020, awarded to celebrate excellence in engineering and technology.

Professor Hilal is founder and director of the Centre for Water Advanced Treatment and Environmental Research (CWATER). A world leader in desalination and membrane technology, Professor Hilal researches the development of solutions to global water problems using advanced engineering approaches.

He is an eminent interdisciplinary researcher and bridges physics, chemistry and engineering in his quest to provide solution for global water shortages.  His interests lie broadly in the areas of nanostructured materials, membrane development, desalination and water treatment. Professor Hilal’s research activities have led to breakthrough innovations in water purification, with over 500 publications, 7 patents and 9 handbooks to his name to date.

In recognition of his work, Professor Hilal received the 2005 Kuwait Prize of Applied Sciences, one of the highest scientific honours awarded in the Middle East. These achievements have put Wales, and Swansea University in particular, on the global map for developing solutions around the supply of clean drinking water and the treatment of contaminated waters.

On receiving the medal, Professor Hilal said:

“I am honoured to be awarded the Menelaus Medal of the Learned Society of Wales.

“The global water crisis has become a pressing 21st century challenge, worsening with increasing water demand worldwide. My research in innovative desalination and water treatment technologies has been crucial in feeding a thirsty world as it has allowed us to tap into abundant resources such as seawater.

“The evolution of membrane technology through the span of my research career is evidence not only of what we have achieved so far, but also of our capabilities as we continue to work through the challenges of the modern world with engineering and technology.”