Frances Hoggan Medal 2021

Professor Dianne Edwards, Distinguished Research Professor in Palaeobotany, Cardiff University, has won the Frances Hoggan Medal 2021, awarded to celebrate outstanding research by women in STEMM subjects.

Professor Dianne Edwards has received our Frances Hoggan Medal, 2021, for her research into plant species, including those that existed over 400m years ago.

Professor Edwards’ specialises in the history of land plants on Earth, her research revealing insights into the evolutionary process by which plants colonised land. Her work on fossil records has led to the identification of some land plant species that existed over 400 million years ago.

She is responsible for the naming of many species and genera.

Read more about Professor Edwards’ work.

On receiving the medal, Professor Edwards said:

“Over the past 50 years, I have been privileged to receive support from Cardiff University and a variety of funders to pursue my interests on the history of plants on Earth.

“Encouraged by this award, I am hopeful that such research, today called discovery science, will continue to be possible for young scientists to enable them to enjoy its delights.”