Menelaus Medal 2019

In 2019, Professor Roger Owen FREng FRS FLSW, Research Professor of Engineering, Swansea University, was awarded the medal for his ground-breaking work in the simulation of problems in science and engineering using computational methods.

Over the last fifty years, the Finite Element Method has, by describing the behaviour of structures and systems in a discrete computational form, transformed solution procedures in almost all branches of engineering and has also impacted significantly on several scientific areas, for example biomedical engineering and the life sciences. He said:

“Due to the international appeal of computational modelling, most of my research activities have involved universities and industrial organisations world-wide. Consequently, this Medal is one of the few awards that I have received from Wales but, given the esteem with which science and technology is held in the nation, it is one that ranks very highly in my lists of achievements.

Although the past fifty years of computational modelling have proved to be exciting and rewarding, I am confident that emerging scientific areas will ensure that the future will be even more challenging. I believe that we who have worked, and continue to work, in the field of computational modelling should feel privileged by the experience.”