Menelaus Medal 2017

The 2017 Menelaus Medallist was Professor Graham Hutchings, Regius Professor of Physical Chemistry at Cardiff University.

The Medal, sponsored by the South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust (SWIEET2007), is awarded for “excellence in any field of engineering and technology to an academic, to an industrial researcher, or to an industrial practitioner who is resident in Wales, or who is of Welsh birth but is resident elsewhere, or who otherwise has a particular connection with Wales”.

“It is a great honour to be awarded the LSW Menelaus Medal” Professor  Hutchings commented. “My work in the field of catalysis has been largely aimed at designing new technologies in collaboration with industry. Recently our work enabled gold to be used a new catalyst to replace a highly polluting mercury catalyst in vinyl chloride manufacture which I hope will really see benefits for society as a whole”.