Tavi Murray – 2019

In 2019, Professor Tavi Murray FLSW from Swansea University received the medal in recognition of her work in glaciological research.

A world-leading Environmental Scientist, Professor Murray works at the cutting-edge of glaciology and has blazed a trail in the innovative application of geophysics and remote sensing techniques in this field. She is an eminent interdisciplinary researcher and bridges physics, geography and computer science in her quest to provide improved constraints on glacial contributions to global sea-level rise. On receiving the award, Professor Murray said:

“I am really honoured and delighted to be awarded this medal by the Learned Society of Wales. My research is aimed at making better predictions of sea-level rise from the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, which is so important to our planet’s future. I hope to inspire more young scientists, especially girls and women, to work in science and on environmental issues and climate change”