Rebecca Melen: 2019 Dillwyn medal for STEMM

The Dillwyn medals for STEMM were awarded to Dr Rebecca Melen, Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Fellow at Cardiff University and Dr Emily Shepard, Associate Professor in Biosciences at Swansea University

In her career to date, Dr Melen has made an outstanding contribution to chemistry, in the areas of catalysis, and energy. She has developed and utilized reagents for catalysing chemical transformations, and has worked to make catalysis a less toxic.

Upon receiving the award, Dr Melen commented:

“I would like to thank the Learned Society of Wales for the award of this medal. My research is in the area of catalysis and catalysts work by lowering the energy barrier for a chemical reaction thereby making reactions much more efficient. I must really thank my research group for all that they’ve done to help me succeed in this area.”