C1: Business, Public Service and Public Engagement

This Scrutiny Committee covers the following areas/disciplines:

Leadership in Public Engagement and Understanding
Librarianship and Information Management
Curatorship of Museums and Galleries
Dance, Theatre and Performance
Creative Writing
Film, TV, Radio and Digital Media
Visual and Applied Arts Practice
Outreach and Public Understanding of Science and Letters
Other fields

Professional, Educational and Public Sector Leadership
Public Policy and Public Sector Leadership
Not-for-Profit and Voluntary Sector Leadership
Leadership and Development of School and Further Education
Leadership and Development of Tertiary Education
Professional Leadership
Other fields

Contribution to Private Sector Leadership
Industry and Commerce
Private Sector Management
Other fields

The current members of the Committee are:

Chair: Professor Hywel Thomas (President)
Vice-Chair: Professor Helen Fulton (Vice-President)
Vice-Chair: Professor Michael Charlton (Vice-President)
Mr David Allen
Professor Alma Harris (Swansea)
Professor Julie Lydon
Professor Alan Shore (General Secretary)
Professor Terry Threadgold (Treasurer)