Fellows Summer Survey 2020: What You Told Us

Thank you to the many Fellows who completed our summer survey that explored how you would like to get involved in our activities. Here is a headline summary of the responses received.

  • A total of 91 Fellows completed our summer survey. Of these, 79 answered all questions.

The top three answers in response to our question about how the Society can help in the response to Covid-19 were:

  1. Organising cross-disciplinary events to discuss wider implications and solutions to the crisis (e.g. across science, politics and the economy)
  2. Organising events (either physical or online) to discuss the implications of Covid-19 for higher education and research
  3. Developing a directory of Fellows with relevant expertise, and making this available to policymakers and others

The top three answers in response to our question about how Fellows would like to be involved in the Society’s activities were:

  1. Contributing to policy papers or responding to public consultations/calls for evidence
  2. Contributing to physical or online events
  3. Supporting early career researchers

Thank you to everyone who took part. We will analyse the information gathered to decide the best way of using the expertise of Fellows. If you weren’t able to complete the survey but have support to offer, please email Martin Pollard.