Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales

The criteria that have been adopted for election to the Fellowship of the Learned Society of Wales are based on the standards of excellence and achievement in academia and on distinguished contributions to the world of learning that are used by other learned societies operating in other areas. 

The Society’s Articles of Association provide for there to be:

Fellows are defined as being “persons resident in Wales, persons of Welsh birth who are resident elsewhere and others with a particular connection with Wales; in each case, having a demonstrable record of excellence and achievement in one of the academic disciplines or, being members of the professions, the arts, industry, commerce or public service, having made a distinguished contribution to the world of learning”.

Honorary Fellows are defined as persons “whose excellence and achievement mean that their election to be Honorary Fellows is deemed to be of benefit to the reputation and activities of the Society”.

A list of current Fellows is available here.

Lists of new Fellows elected in each Society year may be found by clicking the links below:

Subsequent elections of Fellows will be held on an annual basis.