Gravitational Waves: Listening to the True Music of the Spheres!

‘Gravitational Waves: Listening to the True Music of the Spheres!’

Professor Bernard Schutz FInstP FLSW

Director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

(The Albert Einstein Institute) and Cardiff University


13 July 2011, 6.30pm

Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre, Colum Drive, Cardiff University


Professor Schutz’s work is principally in the study of the physics and astrophysics of gravitational wave sources including black holes and neutron stars, and in methods of analysing data from gravitational wave detectors to discover and study gravitational waves. He is the author of a number of textbooks and popular books on relativity and astrophysics.  



This lecture is being organised by Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy in association with the Learned Society of Wales. It is one of three public lectures being organised by the University on the occasion of the Amaldi-9 and NRDA-2011 Conferences on gravitational waves and astrophysics that are being held at Cardiff between 10 and 15 July 2011.   


A flyer for this lecture is available here.