Distinguished Research Lectures: ‘The Standard Model and Beyond’

As part of the INI-WIMCS Meeting on Noncommutative Geometry, held at Cardiff University, 16-20 April 2012 there are two LSW Frontiers Events on the sub-theme of “The Standard Model and Beyond”. Both lectures will be chaired by President of the Learned Society of Wales, Sir John Cadogan CBE DSc FRSE FRSC PLSW FRS.


“Back to the Big Bang, the Large Hadron Collider”



Former Project Leader, Large Hadron Collider Project, CERN

Tuesday 17 April, at 18.00

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

“The spectral point of view on Geometry and Physics”

Alain Connes (College de France) 

Member of French Academy of Sciences, awards include the Fields Medal

and the Crafoord Prize.


Wednesday 18 April 19.15

Wallace Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

Wine reception from 18.30


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For registration and further details contact David Evans FLSW, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University EvansDE@cf.ac.uk.