Banking Crisis in Europe: Systematic Risk and Financial Stability



Wednesday 22 February 2012, 17.00-19.30

 Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building

Cardiff University, Cardiff



A key element of the economic and financial crisis which has enveloped the European Union and its Member States has been the widespread concern regarding the resilience and stability of the European banking system. In December 2011 the European Central Bank took the unprecedented step of providing 489 billion Euros in three-year loans to Eurozone banks as part of a longer-term refinancing operation (LTRO) in order to avoid a “collateral crunch” and the prospect of bank failures. However, the extent to which the initiative will deliver positive results within the context of the wider economic and sovereign debt crisis remains unclear. Indeed, Eurozone banks have continued to increase their deposits with the European Central Bank and commentators within the media have continued to speculate about the rise of so-called ‘zombie banks’ within the Eurozone. This roundtable brings together speakers from across Wales, the UK and Europe to explore the implications of these challenges for the future of Europe, the UK and Wales and the potential strategic options that UK and Welsh governments face in the future. 


Roundtable Participants:


 Professor Kenneth Dyson, School of European Studies, Cardiff University (Chair)

 Marie Donnay, European Commission

 Gabriel Glocker, European Central Bank

 Dr. David Howarth, University of Edinburgh

 Dr. Lucia Quaglia, University of Sussex

 Dr. Kay Swinburne, MEP




Space is limited so please register early as places will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Please  e-mail to register by 17th February 2012 –  For further information about the roundtable please contact Ian Stafford (Research Officer): or by phone: 029 20 870 325.



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