Dr. Rebecca Dimond

Dr. Rebecca Dimond, lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, has won the Learned Society of Wales’ Dillwyn Medal 2020 (Social Sciences, Education & Business) in recognition of the excellence of her early career research.

Dr Dimond’s work in the field of medical sociology explores the implications of genetic disease for patients, families and professionals.

Her research on rare mitochondrial disease is ground-breaking and internationally significant and the excellence, originality and importance of her research was demonstrated by her receiving the ESRC Future Leaders Award.

Dr. Dimond is recognised for the care and empathy she shows the patients and participants with whom she works. Meanwhile, her supervision of the students whom she teaches and supervises on the Cardiff University MSc in Genetic Counselling has lead to several of her students publishing reports of their work in serious social science or genetic counselling journals.

On receiving the medal, Dr Dimond said:

“I’m totally delighted to have won this award. I appreciate the support from my colleagues who nominated me for this award and to the Learned Society.

“I am a qualitative researcher and my main work involves talking to patients about their experiences of rare genetic disease. What the award will give me is the confidence to carry on and hopefully make an impact on patients and their experiences of health care.”