Dr. Gwennan Higham

Dr Gwennan Higham, Senior Lecturer in Welsh, Swansea University, has won the Learned Society of Wales’ Dillwyn Medal 2020 (Humanities & Creative Arts), awarded in recognition of early career research excellence.

Dr. Higham carries out research into minority languages, multiculturalism and citizenship, having previously completed a doctorate on teaching Welsh to immigrants. She has also researched linguistic integration and the French language in Quebec. Dr Higham’s work examines the relationship between ethnic and civic identities and the need to define and establish Welsh multi-ethnic citizenship.

Her expertise lead to her managing an EU-funded project that focused on healthcare in minoritized language settings and the need to appropriate resources for communicating and interacting with patients. The comparative nature of the research has lead to useful insights that can help shape both policy and practice.

Dr Higham has also just published a book on her research with University of Wales Press.

On receiving the medal, Dr Higham said:

“It is an honour for my research to be recognised in this way. Teaching Welsh to immigrants and the implications on citizenship and multiculturalism in Wales is an ongoing project which I hope will see further developments in policy and practice in years to come.

“I am truly grateful to the Department of Welsh and Swansea University for supporting my research journey to date.”